Saturday, November 17, 2007

Birthday Party #3

Chloe is 6!!! I cannot believe how fast times flies. I can still vividly remember her being a baby. She has been such a huge part of our lives. It makes you realize how fast times goes by and to enjoy each moment. This was Chloe's birthday party at The Purple Cow with the family. She is having a princess tea party with friends this weekend. Her favorite gift was a Fur Berry. She did not let go of it for the entire night. I love being such a huge part of my family's life.

Baby Shower at Trio's

Allison, Aimee, Julie, and Leslie threw me a wonderful baby shower at Trio's. It was a fun and beautiful place to have a shower. It was great to have my friends come and celebrate this pregnancy and these babies with me. I got all kinds of practical and fun stuff. I just have a small list of things I still need. Everyone has been so kind. I am getting so excited about the babies getting here.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

First Baby Shower

Lauren, Erin, and Brooke hosted a baby shower for me this weekend. These are my best friends and roommates/suitemates from OBU. Several girls from my pledge class were able to come, and of course my sisters, mom, grandmother, and mother-in-law. It was a beautiful shower with lots of great food. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends. Maddox and Addison could be born tomorrow, and I feel like I have the essentials now. I got my swings, bouncy seats, car seats & double stroller, bottles, pacifiers, diapers,...the list goes on and on...It was a great day!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Birthday Party #2

Emma Kate turned 4 on Saturday. She is growing up so fast. She is really funny and sweet. She had a blast at her party. It was at Sunshine Academy in Conway. All of her friends came and ran around the gym jumping on trampolines and doing fun obstacle courses.

Halloween Party

We normally have small group on Wednesday nights in Conway, and since it was Halloween, we decided to have a Halloween party. Everyone brought their kids, and they all looked adorable. We had a great time! Next year there will be two more additions on the couch!

Birthday Party #1

First of all, let me apologize for my poor layout of the pictures. I am still trying to figure out how to make that work. Avery had her 2-year old birthday party on October 27th at Nana and Papa's house. It ended up being just family because Avery came down with some kind of virus the previous week, and Leslie didn't want to expose other children to it. Of course her cousin Emma Kate was there and her sister Chloe. Avery was fascinated by the candle she got to blow out on her cupcake. Papa probably lit the candle at least 50 times and she would blow it out. She loved it, and it was very entertaining. I can't believe she's 2! She is so sweet, and I just adore her. The funny picture of Jason and Emma Kate is of them eating a dried up larvae. Trey bought them in Orlando and thought it would be funny to act like he was eating one he just picked up off the ground. Then he talked Jason and Pops into eating one. Emma Kate had already eaten some the night before and wanted some more. Apparantly they taste like cheetos. I'll just take their word on it.