Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Easter!

Addi with Brent's mom
Makes my heart melt!

Our new family
Everyone (except Brent)
All the girls and two boys

We had a great Easter this year with the 3 new additions to the Tapson family. We went to church with Brent's parents then had lunch and a Easter egg hunt with my family. Notice that Brent is missing from the big family picture. That's because he had tickets to the NCAA tournament and he had to leave before everyone got there.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Greatest Thing Ever!

Maddox always does this with his hands. We say he's praising the Lord!
Maddox looked so cute in this shirt. This is one of daddy's favorite pictures.
Addison always does the cutest things with her hands when is sleeping. She is just precious!

Another cute picture of Addi!
This was taken at Mimi and Pops (great grandparents) house.

I had been getting little grins at random times from the babies, but Brent did not believe me. On Monday my mom came over and she really got Maddox going, so I ran and caught it on the video part of my digital camera (that's why the picture is kind of dark). Brent was so jealous he wasn't here! :) (Note: The smiling part occurs within the first 40 seconds or so.)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Meet Preston and More Pics of the Babies

Maddox's and Addison's cousin was born 3 weeks after they were. Here is a picture of the cutie (top pic)! Here are also some newer pictures of the babies. They turned 8 weeks old on Monday and are doing great. They have started sleeping for one 5 hour stretch at night. That has been really good, and I feel like I finally have a feeding system down. It is now under 1 hour! They are just precious and so much fun.